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 The Directorate of Crop Services (DCS) is a technical Directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture under the Ghana Civil Service.


To become a highly professional and competent technical public institution dedicated to promoting quality information and to determine the appropriateness of technologies for dissemination to ensure sustainable development of the crop sub sector.


To promote the production and facilitate the processing, distribution and marketing of food, industrial and export crops; quality planting materials and the efficient use and management of soil and water resources for sustainable agriculture production.


The functions of the Directorate under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture are as follows

·         Facilitate and promote the development and production of food, industrial and export crops, in line with the policy of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

·         Facilitate the development and distribution of improved planting materials for farmers in collaboration with Research, Extension Services Providers and private sector.

·         Provide technical support to the Regional and District Agriculture Development units on improved agronomic practices, efficient use and management of soil and water resources and design interventions to solve major constraints militating against the crop sub sector.

·         Initiate, monitor and coordinate national programmes/projects in the crop sub sector.

·         Liaise with relevant stakeholders and institutions for sharing of information towards improved production, packaging and marketing of crops and crop products.

·         Advise the Minister of Agriculture on policy issues relating to the crop sub sector development.


Our technical entities are as follows:

Seed Service/Agricultural Stations/Block Farm Unit

·         Food crops (Root/Tubers and Plantain, Cereals and Legumes)

·         Tree & Industrial Crops Unit (cotton, oil palm, cashew, rubber, coconut etc)

·         Environment, Land & Water Management Unit

·         Horticultural Crops (Fruit and Vegetables)


 Advising the Minister of Food and Agriculture on policies relating to the crop sub sector development.

·         Ensuring that there are planting materials (seeds) in adequate quantities at affordable prices and at appropriate times and places.

·         Promoting the production of food, industrial and export crops in the country.

·         Monitoring the development of the crop sub sector.

·         Facilitating the capacity building of staff in the districts.

·         Providing technical advice to the public on all crops within our mandate.

·         Supervising of all projects/programmes under the Directorate

·         Promoting the sustainable use of soil and water resources for agricultural production.

·         Recommending issuance of permits and waivers for the importation of agricultural materials for the crops sub-sector/industry.

·         Sourcing, soliciting, and analyzing information for the crop sub sector development.




Provision of technical advice/information on crops e.g. Maize, rice etc

1 day

Recommendation for exemption on VAT, Import duty and NHIL on agriculture materials

3 days

Provision of information on policy directions and programmes formulation

1 week

Advising entrepreneurs and investors on technical feasibility of projects

4 days

Provision of information to development partners on suitable areas for intervention

2 days




·         Increased adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS).

·         Effective collaboration with all stakeholders

·         Highly motivated and professional service delivery

·         Quality training of staff on agriculture innovation in collaboration with research.

·         Professional post delivery surveillance to ascertain the quality of imported fertilizer.


 Directional signs are mounted at vantage points to help the public to easily locate our offices.

·         Staff members are clearly identified with identity cards to ensure that clients deal with authorized and identifiable officers.

·         We provide comfortable waiting room for our clients.

·         The registry staff are trained and shall receive added training on how to attend to clients needs


 Be conversant with the services provided by the Directorate.

·         Knowledge of the guidelines for accessing our services.

·         Give us feedback on the services provided.

·         To deal with recognized or posted officials

·         Give sufficient notice in writing when seeking our services.


 The Directorate shall endeavour to provide the public with all the needed information to access its services

·         Brochures, production guides, fact sheets etc would be made available to clients on request.


Our Offices are located near the Reviera Beach Hotel, opposite the Ghana Irrigation Development Authority (GIDA)


All enquiries, comments and complaints may be addressed to:

The Director

Directorate of Crop services

Ministry of Food and Agriculture

P. O. Box M 37


Tel: 0302- 665066

Fax: 0302- 662471.

You can also contact Regional and District Directors of Agriculture throughout the country.


·         All Technical Directorates of MoFA

 Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, specifically

 Crops Research Institute

·         Savanna Agriculture Research Institute

·         Soil Research Institute

·         Oil Palm Research Institute

·         Food Research Institute

 Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) – Biotechnology and Nuclear Agricultural Research Institute (BNARI)

·         Universities

·         Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

·         Development partners

·         Crop commodity organizations

·         International Research Centres/Institutions

·         Environmental Protection Agency.

·         Ghana Standards Board

·         Ghana Export Promotion Council




Useful Information

The WAAPP Coordination Unit in Ghana is the Projects Division of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) whilst the implementing agency is the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The structures put in place to govern and manage the WAAPP in Ghana are the National Steering Committee as well as the NCOS Management Committee and the Competitive Agricultural Research Grant Scheme (CARGS) Board as the Implementing agency.