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On March 15, 2010, CSIR-Crops Research Institute organized a ceremony to officially release some improved crop varieties that had been developed at the Institute and to outdoor others that had already been approved for release by the National Variety Release Committee.

Among those present at the ceremony were:


•Mr. George Scott - Chief Director, Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (representing the Minister),
•Mr. Kwaku Nicol - Director of Crop Services, Ministry of Food and Agriculture (representing the Minister),
•Dr. A.B. Salifu - Director-General, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research  (CSIR)
•Dr. (Mrs) R.E.M. Entsua-Mensah - Deputy Director-General, CSIR
•Rev. (Prof.) Safo-Kantanka, - Chairman, CSIR-CRI Management Board
•Directors of CSIR-BRRI and CSIR-SARI
•Members of the National Variety Release Committee
•Representative of the Ejisu District Chief Executive
•Dr. B. Badu-Apraku - Scientist from the Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa (DTMA) Project, IITA, Nigeria
•Dr. A. Toure - AGRA office, Accra
•Chiefs from Fumesua, Parkoso, Kokobra and Kyerekrom, Farmers and Newsmen from various media houses.

Among the improved crop varieties released/outdoored were four varieties of cassava:


Code name New Name Meaning of name Maturity (months) Mean root yield (t/ha) Total dry matter (%) Uses CMD resistance Suitable ecologies for cultivation
AW 1 CSIR-Ampong Named after a scientist 12 59 35.5 Flour, starch, fufu Resistant Forest, Transition and Savannah
AW 18 CSIR-Buroni bankye (Akan)White man’s cassava 12 40 32.8 Flour and bakery products Resistant Forest, Transition and Savannah
AW 34 CSIR-Sika bankye Cassava for money 12 56 25.7 Hi- starch Resistant Forest, Transition and Savannah
K 25 CSIR-Otuhia Eradicates poverty 12 65 38.6 Starch and flour Resistant Forest, Transition and Savannah







Physical samples of the new cassava varieties and food products derived from them were on display during the ceremony. The food items included  ‘Bankye kakro’, ‘Yake yake’, Gari jolof, ‘Fufu’, Cake (from composite flour) and Yoghurt.

Samples of cassava tissue culture materials were also displayed. The final release and outdooring of these cassava varieties were made possible with support from the West African Agricultural Productivity Pogramme (WAAPP)

Useful Information

The WAAPP Coordination Unit in Ghana is the Projects Division of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) whilst the implementing agency is the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The structures put in place to govern and manage the WAAPP in Ghana are the National Steering Committee as well as the NCOS Management Committee and the Competitive Agricultural Research Grant Scheme (CARGS) Board as the Implementing agency.