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Type of Technology


1.       Mineral fertilizer requirements for Yam on benchmark soils in Northern and Upper West regions of Ghana

2.       Strategies to manage yam glut at peak harvest in the  Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana

·         Technologies to encourage year round production

·         Improved varieties with preferred traits

3.       Long term storage of yam tubers under farmers conditions using Gibberellic Acid

·         Use of natural dormancy (of varieties) and physical marker for break of dormancy to manage the storage and trade of ware yams

·         Use of Gibberellic acid to inhibit sprouting of tubers in storage

·         Pre-planting selection methods of healthy yams

·         Insecticide and fungicide treatment of yam setts

4.       Integrated nutrient management for yam production in Northern region of Ghana

5.       Improved yam barn for preserving the quality of seed yams

6.       Yam vine technology for seed yam production

7.       Use of QUEFTS Model to determine the most efficient use of fertilizer to maximized yam production

8.       Integrated nutrient management and pre-seeding system for plant nutrition, disease and pest control under minimum-staking yam production.

9.       Ridging as a Mechanical Alternative to Mounding for Yam


1.       Alternate uses for yam

Useful Information

The WAAPP Coordination Unit in Ghana is the Projects Division of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) whilst the implementing agency is the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The structures put in place to govern and manage the WAAPP in Ghana are the National Steering Committee as well as the NCOS Management Committee and the Competitive Agricultural Research Grant Scheme (CARGS) Board as the Implementing agency.