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Yam Programme

Ghana is the leading exporter of yams in the world. Tuber size and variety are key criteria for premium price on the export market.  Premium price for Pona is obtained from a 20 kg box of yam with 10-12 tubers and in extreme cases 14 tubers; with corresponding average tuber sizes ranging between 1.4 -2kg.  A 25 kg box of other white yam varieties should contain 14 -16 tubers (1.8 and 1.6 kg/tuber), mostly within the medium class. Amongst the key technologies being disseminated include the Yam Vine Technology. The technology solves a huge challenge with the conventional means of multiplying yam (1:4-6), which is low compared to the minisett technique, which yields 1:40.  This is far below cereals and makes the expansion and dissemination of new varieties very slow and difficult.  Activities under the seed system have the main objective to develop and disseminate effective and efficient seed multiplication techniques. Specifically, it has evaluated and is now promoting a robust, cost effective, rapid propagation technology for high multiplication ratio of breeder and foundation seed yam.  It also aims at enhancing the water use efficiency in seed yam production.


  • Yam Improvement and Seed Systems – Dr Emmanuel Otoo
  • Developing crop and soil management options for high productivity in yam production – seedbed options, planting density, tuber size for planting, staking and fertilizer –                          Dr. Stella Ennin/ Mr Eric Danquah
  • Yam value chain analysis  - Mr Jonas Osei Adu
  • Evaluation of yam varieties for parasitic nematodes resistance – Dr. Kingsley Osei
  • Integrated Pest Management in Yam production – yam tuber beetle and millipede infestation – Dr. Haruna Briamah / Umar Sanda
  • Investigate the impact of yam type and staking on infestation and damage by millipedes.- – Dr. Haruna Briamah / Umar Sanda
  • Development of appropriate yam minisett cutter – Mr. Shadrack Amponsah
  • Postharvest Quality Management Technologies for Increased Income and Food Security for Yam (Dioscorea spp.)  - Mrs. Evelyn Kwarteng

Useful Information

The WAAPP Coordination Unit in Ghana is the Projects Division of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) whilst the implementing agency is the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The structures put in place to govern and manage the WAAPP in Ghana are the National Steering Committee as well as the NCOS Management Committee and the Competitive Agricultural Research Grant Scheme (CARGS) Board as the Implementing agency.